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1958 Chevrolet Impala Commercial – Dinah Shore & Pat Boone

Chevrolet dismissed the potential for small cars in the U.S. “Edward N. Cole, general manager of Chevrolet and a VP of General Motors Corp., said … Chevrolet does not think much of the possible market for the small economy car,” Ad Age reported. Despite Cole’s comments, he was a key backer of the Corvair, a rear-engine small car sold in the 1960 through 1969 model years. Cole later became GM president before retiring in 1974. •1958 Chevrolet U.S. vehicle sales: 1,430,449 •U.S. market share: 27.9%


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  1. Andrew Brinston says:

    Can you upload 2002 Chevrolet Trucks commercail?

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