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1975: 1976-77 Matador Madrid LX


With so much riding on the success of the Pacer, AMC hadn’t given much time to anything else.  There were rumors in the breeze of a new Hornet, although AMC would sit on that one and see how much the Pacer penetrated the Hornet market segment.

Another item heard, was an all-new Matador four-door.  The Matador Coupe’s big restyling in 1974 was not carried over to the sedan, a design which originated in 1967. Harry Bradley designed three possibilities for the sedan, which was also considered to receive a name change. (it seemed that when AMC wanted to get away from violent names they renamed the 1970 Rebel into the new 1971 Matador.  It actually, was not a bad name for a sports coupe, but for a luxury sedan?  Admittedly the Madrid name was made up, but considering the 1975 roads were crawling with Cordoba’s, Granada’s and Seville’s, names of Spanish cities was the in thing.





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