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Published on November 28th, 2016 | by BajaBusta


1979: Third Gen F-Body goes Next Gen

Based on clues from Chevrolet prototype vehicles, tidbits of evidence were put together to produce this look at what could have been the 3rd generation General Motors F-body. this shell, which would be used for Camaro and Firebird car lines, as well as Z28 and Trans Am specialty models, come on as shorter, narrower, and vastly more aerodynamic than the tired old 2nd gen F-bodies.  Front end styling used soft materials, and the traditional grill would be replaced by upper and lower intakes. Rocker panels were severely tucked under to create a tubular shape and cleaner air flow back to and around the tail end.


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  1. 98 REGENCY says:

    They were close in the guess as to what the vehicle would look like. The front end was off, but everything else was close.

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