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1981 Mercedes Benz 300SD Test Drive

1981-mercedes-benz-300sd1Seven years, in terms of humankind, is a long time. Can you remember what you were doing on this day seven years ago? Do you have the same values you did so many moons ago? Have you, watched your newborn bloom from an infant to a reasoning, thinking reincarnation of yourself and your partner? Has your hair gone from Sable to Silver in that time?

The 1981 300sd was researched, developed and manufactured with regard only to the maximum finished product, a product that, like the S-Class cars before it, be just as palpable in 1988 as it was when new. Kick a couple of mental cogs into motion, is the new SD a better car than the old? What if,  you had just signed the note for your 1980 SD, should you have fallen into a deep depression? Even though the car changed drastically in s1981-mercedes-benz-300sd2ome respects, it’s anchor points were faithfully retained, but the improvements needed for their realignment in the new scheme. The old, upright skin underwent a facelift, it was smooth taught almost to the point of severity. Things that once protruded were now flush, even sunken into some places. The sheet metal became high strength low alloy steel or aluminum or fiberglass reinforced plastic. The wind tunnel measurement, that is the amount of wind drag created by the shape of the body, was now just 0.36 (by comparison, MB research found that the average domestic sedan had a drag coefficient of 0.51 and the GM X-car a rating of 0.44). This accounts for a 12% slipperiness increase over the old body.

1989 Mercedes Benz 300SE Test Drive

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  1. Joseph says:

    I guess I don’t follow. Are you saying the car was designed in 7 years? Or maybe you’re saying the car was sold for 7 years? Or possibly that it would only last for 7 years?

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