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1981: S for Seriously?

Now that Cadillac had gone and built an interestingly packaged J-car, Motor Trend went a step further and loaded the Cimarron with a number of refinements that they modestly called Cimarron S.
Their departure was in keeping with the basic idea of the Cimarron, only more so.  If this little Caddy was to win the hearts of the cosmopolitan clan, it had better do it with style and a bit of flair.

What they assembled here was their version of an even higher line Cimarron, one that no doubt should have been copied in the aftermarket world of paste-ons.  For a statement MT chose white as a foundation and to really pull it off, the wheels were pure as snow.  Other than the white on white, all else went black, even the windows get a dark tint, with the slightest touch of chrome trim around the side windows, grille opening and fender lips.

The heart of the package, of course, would be pumping out at least 130 bristling turbocharged ponies.  This they believed would produce a package sure to fly in the face of efficient transportation and the S would have stood for splendid.


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  1. George says:

    Too bad GM didn’t launch the Cimarron this way instead…

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