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1981: The Dodge Aries Receives the Imperial Treatment

Seen here was what was said to be the 1982 New Yorker.  Not to be too much like its old self.  Even before they laid eyes on an in-the-metal K-car, fleet owners flooded Chrysler with requests for 50,000 units, just because they liked the car’s looks.
The feeling in the industry was that the K-car would sell like mad anyway, probably to the tune of 400,000-450,000 units its first year.  Adjunct to this was the new wave of K-car derivatives.  First would be a luxury version of the 2-door, dubbed the KC-22.  Later the turbocharged version of the same car.
And there was more.  Many of Chrysler’s future sports models were said to be designed by either Maserati, or DeTomaso; both firms were locked into the parent company with design and engineering agreements. Obviously this was pure conjecture, and we all know the result of these rumors. Many lead to one each for the design firms.


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