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1981: Thunderbird Rebop

In an effort to appeal to a larger audience, which enjoyed next to no success in the market, rumors were that Ford was considering a refreshed Thunderbird, could have looked like this.

The entire front end of the 1982 car looks to be lopped off and swapped for a much more aerodynamic and pleasing front end treatment which looks very much like that of a  1979-1981 Ford Mustang with a bit of a kickup centered over the grille.  The roofline would be altered somewhat to provide a forward rake to the backlight as opposed to the near vertical roof treatment on the 1981 model. The powertrain wasn’t blamed for the poor sales so it was to remain as is, wrapped by the newer, more appealing sheet metal including a new tail.
Considering the aero bird was also right around the corner, it seemed a bit hasty to think the company would work this hard to change the car, for only one year.


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