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Published on March 27th, 2017 | by BajaBusta


1981: Was this the 1985 Beetle Convertible?


No, it wasn’t, actually, but it was an artists idea of what a thoroughly modernized Beetle ragtop would look like after artful customizing, using some factory parts.  The headlights were from the Porsche 928. The turn signals set into the bumpers were from the European Porsche 924, and the front and rear bumper rub strips were late model General Motors hardware. The stock hood/trunk/boot was surrounded by new fenders, a one piece bumper unit and a separate chin spoler underneath.

Other factory style parts used in the paper conversion were the twin mirrors, targa hoop and whaletail section from 911/930 Porsches, Turbo Carrera wheels and compabile tires, and 935 competition style seating for two, wtih an open storage bay behind the seats.  Power would come from a turbocharged, fuel injected version of the time tested VW flat four engine surrounded by a whole new fiberglass tail end and fenders.


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