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1983 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe Test Drive

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There was a time, when Cadillacs were easily identifiable by their gangsteresque white-walls and an amount of chrome trim, the weight of which approximated that of an entire compact car. These were the ginormous land yachts that long appealed to that segment of the car buying public called “traditional”.  Cadillac’s sales department brain trust woke up and realized the traditional buyers were disappearing at a rate greater than new buyers were “stepping up” to Cadillacs. The traditional Caddy buyer was succumbing to old age, and the young affluent was looking at BMW’s, Mercedes, Saab’s, Peugeot’s, and Volvo’s as alternate luxury cars.  Cadillac, GM’s self proclaimed “standard of the world”, needed to respond to this wholesale defection of buyers with a few supplemental offerings of more functional sporty luxury cars.

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