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1983 Chrysler Model Lineup Updates


In the late 1970’s, America’s industrial bookmakers were giving odds against the survival of this company, even under Ideal Market conditions and including the government bailout loan guarantee. But here it was, the fall of 1982, and Chrysler had not only survived, it had close to 1 billion dollars in the bank, the best cash position it had ever enjoyed. 1983-chrysler3Like Ford, it took billions of dollars of operating expenses out of its huge budget, concentrated its efforts and its people, and to some extent narrowed its product focus. Armed with more front-wheel-drive products than any other domestic manufacturer, and the highest corporate average fuel economy numbers in the domestic industry, Chrysler went into model year 1983 with still more front-drive nameplates: the E-class sedan and Dodge 600, both built on stretched K-car long-wheelbase platforms with distinctive roof lines and profiles, using the proven in 2.2 L Chrysler four, and the imported 2.6 L Mitsubishi four. 1983-chrysler4Major modifications to the 2.2 for more power and torque, the addition of 5-speed manual transaxles, and the substitution of a Peugeot 1.6 L engine as the base power plant for the L-car series, which had been powered from the beginning by the 1.7 liter Volkswagen four, made 1983 a year for under the skin improvements and even higher penetration of front wheel drive.

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1986 Chrysler Corporation Model Lineup Updates

1983 Dodge Dodge Aries Manufacturer Promo

1983 Dodge Rampage and RAM Manufacturer Promo

1983 Dodge 600 Manufacturer Promo

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