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Published on September 4th, 2012 | by BajaBusta


1983 Ford Ranger Standard Features, Trim and Training Video

Ford showed even more of a commitment to improved gas mileage in 1983 when the slow-selling Mazda-built Courier truck was replaced by the Ford-built Ranger, which quickly became the most popular compact pickup in the land. Introduced early in the 1982 calendar year, the Ranger was nearly the same size as the Courier and also offered six- and seven-foot beds. Unlike the Courier, however, it was available not only with a regular four-cylinder engine, but also with a V-6 or four-cylinder diesel engine, and — later in the model year — with four-wheel drive.


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6 Responses to 1983 Ford Ranger Standard Features, Trim and Training Video

  1. GeoMetro says:

    Possible to recover the rest?

  2. GeoMetro says:

    That sucks :( feel like im mising something

  3. GeoMetro says:

    Anyways. I appreciate all of your work. Keep it up :) Plus someone else has to have the same video in the world. maybe they’ll eventually share it so i could see the rest

  4. Christopher Eichorn says:

    1983 Ranger used from Fox Body?

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