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1984 Cadillac Product Changes and New Features

Cadillac Best sales year for the 1980s was 1984, with 327,144 units sold. Its worst sales year for the decade was 1980 with 205,044 cars sold.However, the 1984 high was to decline to 265,778 units by 1988. Cadillac revived a drop-top Eldorado for 1984 and promptly angered those who had bought “last convertible’ ’76s for outrageous sums. The new Biaritz was hardly cheap at $31,286, though that partly reflected its being an outside conversion, not a factory job. The one and only drive train comprised Cadillac’s year old 4.1-liter aluminum V-8 teamed with four speed turbo hydra matic. Model year sales were predictably limited at just 3300 units. The Eldorado vert was not the only story for 1984, check out this video to discover the changes made for the entire lineup that year, including the very rare D’Oro edition Cimarron. Cimarron d’Oro (“Cimarron of gold”) was introduced with almost all of Cimarron’s optional equipment as standard, brightwork subdued by painting it body-color for a euro-style monochromatic look with gold-toned grille, wheels, badging and accenting inside and out. Available only in Sable Black with Saddle interior, it provided an extremely distinctive-looking top model for Cimarron buyers willing to fork over almost $ 1,000.00 for this option package.

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7 Responses to 1984 Cadillac Product Changes and New Features


    Fantastic! Best of it is a Cadillac indeed. They were true Cadillacs during that era.

  2. Raj Against The Machine says:

    This is Reagan Country.

  3. Raj Against The Machine says:

    So I noticed that all of the license plates shown in this video were from Michigan. Maryann and Jim run a place off the turnpike. But Michigan has no turnpike. Though I will grant that we did not see the plate on their Fleetwood Brougham, so it may have been from Ohio. I’m guessing these people live near either Toledo or St. Joseph.

  4. Jeff Robertson says:

    Awesome Sexy Gorgeous Luxury Car Cadillac Eldorado

  5. Mr. Tactful says:

    “Barb couldn’t stop using the passenger’s recliner!” lol

  6. Derrick says:

    I must have that Fleetwood Limousine.

  7. ScorpioEddie84 says:

    Especially love the ’84s! This was the first year of the “Gold Key Delivery System” which included a set of authentic gold keys, gold key identification plate, thorough inspection of your new Cadillac before delivery, a cassette explaining your Caddy’s features, an orientation drive with your dealer and a full tank of gas. You also received a follow-up inspection at no charge.This extra-attention to detail and customer satisfaction was offered on all models, including Cimarron.

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