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1986 Compact Pickup Comparison Test Drive

1986-pickup6 1986-pickup2


The All-American pickup returned, in a smaller more manageable size.

Chevrolet, and Ford introduced their new small trucks for the 82-83 model year, downsized to beat the Japanese minis, and these trucks were good. The red, white and blue Chevrolet S-10 and Ford Ranger, once guiding the competition finishing together near the top of most comparisons, by any standards they were once the best small pickup trucks anybody had ever built. As time marched, more and more trucks were purchased as dual purpose vehicles, daily transport, and work trucks, so judgement became twice as difficult.  As trucks designed for hauling cargo, and as passenger cars that were fun to drive, economical and comfortable.

So after three or more years on the market, how did these domestic leaders fair against the best of the imports?  Which would you choose?

1986-pickup5 1986-pickup4

1983 Ford Ranger Test Drive

1986 Chevrolet S-10 Manufacturer Promo

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