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1986 Pontiac Fiero Manufacturer Promo


Pontiac, probably the most dynamic and forward thinking of GM’s divisions, was on a roll since the introduction of the FIero and 6000 STE.  For 1986, most of the changes were cosmetic, although major developments were due mid-year.

The Fiero GT, with its blister fendered, fastback restyled, its reworked, beefed up suspension system, fuel injected V6 and 5-speed transmission was one fine sports car, and the fulfillment of a performance promise that was too long in coming.  It was a flagship in a three car entry that included the base Fiero, which retained the original commuter-scooter concept, and the SE, which inherited the GT bodywork and would become the mainstream, mid-priced, highest volume Fiero. Conceived as a moderate volume, image building specialty car, the Fiero was originally projected as a 40,000 unit per year product, with revised estimates at ts debut of 60-80,000 units in its first year of production.  In fact, Pontiac sold more than 100,000 Fiero’s in 1984, bolstering the company’s confidence in extending the car’s performance image, while giving them a significant one-two sales lift on the heels of the STE’s success.

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