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1986 Pontiac Grand Prix Manufacturer Promo


Three 1986 Grand Prix models continued including base, LE and Brougham. Engine offerings again included the standard Buick 3.8 L V6, the Chevrolet 4.3 L V6 or optional Chevrolet 5.0 L V8. An updated taillight design with three sections was the only major change to the 1986 Grand Prix.1986-pontiac-grand-prix3

 A new 2+2 model was offered for homologation of an aerodynamic coupe body for NASCAR competition, like Chevrolet’s 1986 Monte Carlo SS Aerocoupe. 2+2-specific pieces are an aero nose, bubble rear glass and a fiberglass trunklid with integral spoiler. Only approximately 1,225 Grand Prix 2+2s built for the one year only 1986 and all found buyers.

1985 Pontiac Grand Prix Manufacturer Promo

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