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1989 Nissan 240SX Test Drive

You remember the 200SX, right?  Probably not not at the top of your brain, but stop and think for a bit, yeah, you remember, front engine, rear drive sort of wedgy styling. Was on the market for years. Apparently, after it created some ripples at its introduction in 1984, still not a big seller.  In fact sales dwindled as newer products were introduced in the highly volatile Japanese pony car segment.  Nisan tried to get noticed by dropping in the 3 Liter V6 from the 300ZX.  Unfortunately, the extra 40 horsepower merely piqued the interest of the flinty eyed insurance killjoys, who promptly slapped a surcharge on the increased rowdiness.  This time, Nissan gave up on the glass baubles and went in for a complete makeover.  The result was an SX that shared only the front engine rear drive layout of the original. What’s more, the company changed the designation to suggest one of the charter members of the Nissan family in the country, the 240Z.







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