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2002 Nissan Altima Test Drive

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As part of Nissan’s new performance blitz, the third generation 2002 Altima was bigger, faster, and openly performance oriented.  It’s available with either a 3.5L/240hp V6 or 2.5L/180hp four cylinder, which it shared with the Sentra SE-R. An all new and larger exterior made the Altima roomier, placing it in closer competition with CamCord. Standard brakes were four-wheel discs, and ABS, along with electronic brake force distribution.  Side impact airbags were optional, as was a 150watt Bose audio.  Lots of room and performance for the money.

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  1. Luke says:

    I LOVE this car! Nissan really did it with their Altima. I can’t wait to get a V6 one’o’deez in high school, And show of some lightning speed to al the guys in their f’150s and silverados- pretty good way for me to pick up chicks- and speakin of chicks, we got some real hot and sexy ones at the end!

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