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Published on June 2nd, 2013 | by BajaBusta


1972 Astro Spiral Jump

1972-thrill show1 What is the coolest car related stunt you’ve ever seen? Using the appropriate AMC Javelin, American Thrill Shows came up with the idea to perform a corkscrew style ramp to ramp jump they called the Astro Sprial Jump. So big was the hype around this traveling show and the Spiral jump specifically, they sold out the Houston Astro Dome! This video goes through the process of coming up with the ramps, practicing the jump and ultimately pulling it off in front of a massive crowd in Texas. Even cooler, the profile in courage is part of the old Bud Lindemann Car and Track TV show, so not only do you get the sweet, sweet jump action, you also get his dulcet tones performing the narration. We’re jaded in the world we currently live in. This was pretty big stuff back in ’72. We wouldn’t have the stones to strap into that Javelin today so all of our respect goes out to the guy who “tried it out” first!

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