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Published on January 14th, 2012 | by BajaBusta


1973 Dodge Challenger 340 Rallye Test Drive

With the Resurrection of, what some may call ‘retro’ pony cars, arguably the current Challenger release in 2008 was a spitting image of the original 1970-1974, albeit on a slightly larger scale. The problem with this is, due to a quite successful sales run of the new car, it will eventually require a redesign. How do you evolve a design that was initially around for one round? Well you rename it! As the Chrysler Corp teeters on the decision to replace their Dodge Challenger Pony car, with a resurrected Plymouth nameplate (Barracuda) lets take a look back at the original Mopar pony car!

With the installation of choking emission controls, and high gas prices the ‘Snappy’ 340 cubic inch V8, coupled to supposed “aerodynamically clean” styling was all it had to battle those plagues. But the distress from those outside sources, were not the only thing holding this pony back. Presented the usual Chrysler axle hop, rough and loud engine, and tight interior were enough for Bud to remark “beefier leg muscles made for good handling during high speed cornering, however the ride was rough and to some passengers could be considered objectionable, especially in the rear but then anyone in the rear would be so busy looking for a place to put their legs they might not notice the ride”, “To sum it up if you are looking for smooth quiet ride with a spacious interior this Challenger will not be your next car. However if pony cars turn you on and you like a spirited performer, this Rallye just might punch your buttons.”


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2 Responses to 1973 Dodge Challenger 340 Rallye Test Drive

  1. Miradart says:

    I wonder where they got the footage of the guy whipping the steering wheel around. It’s not a Challenger! Haha!!

    I can’t tell for sure, but I think it’s some sort of GM. Thinking Buick. Maybe. Not Mopar, that’s for sure!

    • BajaBusta says:

      Good eye, Dave! I had to watch it again! Maybe Buick, for sure! But to reflect, the Rallye was quite fetching to look at!

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