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Published on May 28th, 2016 | by BajaBusta


1975 Ford Thunderbird Test Drive

1975 was a year of many changes in the United States, no less in Ford’s administration than in the Ford Administration.  While the folks at the White House were wearing ‘Whip Inflation Now’ buttons, the guys in Dearborn were beginning to realize that they had to whip a little inflation themselves: specifically, they needed to downsize the bloated ‘Big Bird’ Thunderbird to something that was both closer to the line’s sports car roots and more realistic in terms of fuel efficiency and curb weight.

With this in the works, Ford made few changes to the 1975 Thunderbird, apart from the annual tweaks and twists to the front end and grille.  This next-to-last of the ‘Big Birds’ exemplifies that eras re-envisioning of the T-Bird as a luxury performance car; its roomy interior, cushy seats, and fancy, glitzy touches look retro and funky today, but they were the quintessence of a certain kind of class when they came off the line….

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3 Responses to 1975 Ford Thunderbird Test Drive

  1. 98 REGENCY says:

    Where do you find these videos? I have often asked this question. I must say I thought it was quite interesting to see. That car was loaded ! I recall the cars of this era. There are suv’s that get better gas mileage today on 2016. I was disappointed in the quality. I must say it was this is another interesting find. Thank you again.

  2. Johnny says:

    Brand new car with poor assembly and a poorly running engine. Ford should be ashamed.

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