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1986 Honda CRX Si Test Drive

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Honda’s decision to introduce the CRX was widely hailed as one of the great strokes of genius in the 1980s. From day one, buyers responded to the petite hatchback in much the same way their parents had to the original MG’s and Triumphs. In 1985, the arrival of the fuel injected Si version took the CRX one step further. The Si 91 horsepower 12 valve 1.5 liter 4 revved freely, and with a power to weight ratio of under 20:1,  the CRX scampered 0 to 60 in under 9 seconds. The Si was rated at 30/33 MPG by the EPA. That was extremely good, considering Honda had an uncanny way of meeting and frequently exceeding it’s published mileage figures in real world service.
While the SI retained virtually all the CRX’s basic suspension components, it didn’t benefit materially from a +1 wheel tire upgrade, moving up to more aggressive radials on 14 inch cast alloy rims. Along with a handful of cosmetic touches, the SI package also included a power sunroof, dual outside mirrors, a bigger 11.9 gallon fuel tank, plus a rear window washer wiper. For 1986, the Si, like all CRX’s, had returned to a 5 MPH bumper. This was a category with a lot of tough competitors, But when it came to matching fun with practicality, it was hard to top the CRX Si.  Call it cute.  Call it wonderful.  Call it a winner.



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