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1986 Mini Van Comparison Test Drive

1986-minivan4 1986-minivan1
Small family fans were only a blip on the auto industry’s radar in the mid 1980’s. And, as consumers, we were just trying to figure out specifically what they were.  Genetic analysis revealed they were part bus, part contractor and part limousine.  They retained strong echoes of a work ethic attributed by the full sized vans from which they descended.
1986-minivan2 1986-minivan3
But everyone wants to know, “which was the best?” Good question.  Since Chrysler Corporation introduced the minivan concept with the debut of the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager in 1983, it became one of the hottest segments in the market. Understandably reluctant to let Chrysler reap all the minivan manna, Chevrolet and Ford jumped into the fray with models of their own, the Astro and the Aerostar.  Meanwhile, Toyota saw the easing of the Japanese import restrictions as an opportunity to bring in their small hauler it sold in its homeland for years naming it perhaps not imaginatively but certainly descriptively the Toyota Van.  So.  What is your van choice? Comment below.

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  1. John Matthews says:

    Aerostar hands down. Can haul & tow things like the Astro can, but is a bit more comfortable like the Caravan/Voyager while still having its own distinct styling like the Toyota Van (you can recognize it a mile away)…it’s like a compromise of all 3! Also has the longest wheelbase & is the most aerodynamic of the the 4 vans in this comparison. How do I know all of this information? I OWN ONE!

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