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1991 Mitsubishi Diamante Test Drive

Mitsubishi has always excelled in equipping its models with a technical comet tail worthy of Mercedes. The minor difference was that Mitsubishi operated with less hype, while the competition contents itself with fewer gadgets to attract a more conservative following. The Diamante, which in Spanish means diamond, was definitely a gem of an automobile. Mitsubishi proved at the beginning of the 1991 model year with its 3000GT (and its built-for-Chrysler Dodge Stealth) that it could build a sports car that would turn heads and challenge just about anything else on the road. But, Mitsubishi was something of an upstart among luxury builders. The company name was reasonably well-known, in large part because of a long-standing relationship with Chrysler, but few buyers are as yet aware that Mitsubishi offers the Diamante. In fact, the Diamante sedan was not exactly a high-profile vehicle, either in concept or in sales figures. That’s not to say that it was unattractive. In many respects, the big Mitsubishi 4-door was a class leader, scoring points for comfort, performance and manufacturing quality. The simple fact of the matter is that word of the Diamante’s many virtues just didn’t get out to the public.


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  1. e.d. says:

    Good video!
    Why is Mitsubishi lagging on annual sales?

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