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1992 Reinventing Chrysler

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Chrysler had emerged from bankruptcy in the 1980s and under Lee Iacacco had proven adept at staying fresh. Iacocca stepped down as CEO and Chairman of Chrysler at the end of 1992, being succeeded in these posts by Robert Eaton. Although Robert Lutz, currently the President of Chrysler, was the second-ranking executive in the company, he earlier opposed the merger with Fiat that Iacocca had championed. Due to their feud, Iacocca convinced the board to pass over Lutz for the chairmanship of Chrysler. However, Eaton and Lutz did develop a strong working relationship. In 1991, Chrysler began the process of moving its corporate headquarters from its 1925 founding location of Highland Park, Michigan, to nearby Auburn Hills. The move was complete by 1993. This film celebrates the changes anticipated by that move and under the new leadership. Source

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  1. Jeremy says:

    sounds annoyingly like they were trying to copy saturn,but obviously it didn’t help them

  2. Chris says:

    Why Chrysler engineer used test drive Omni/Horizon in early 1990’s?

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