1994 General Motors EV-1 Preview Test Drive

Posted on 02. Oct, 2012 by in General Motors, Test Drives

Environmental concerns really began to hit home with the motor industry at the end of the 1980s,as the public mood world wide began to take on board at least part of the green agenda. General Motors was ahead of the shift in the ecological zeitgeist, as it was already working on the radical electrically powered road car that could be considered as a viable proposition for the average motorist.

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2 Responses to “1994 General Motors EV-1 Preview Test Drive”

  1. Jeremy

    03. Oct, 2012

    This car was truly ahead of it’s time. Too bad Gm sold the better battery design to the oil companies or electric vehicles would be even more advanced than they are today.

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  2. Infinitrium

    05. Oct, 2012

    That rear end design looks a bit like a Citroen DS

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