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Published on August 24th, 2014 | by BajaBusta


1998 Pontiac Firebird TransAm Firehawk Test Drive

In case you’re not familiar with SLP Engineering, the company formed in 1987 by Ed Hamburger.  SLP built its own Firehawk cars, in addition to developing and producing the Camaro SS for Chevrolet and the 96-97 WS6 Ram Air Firebirds. First sold in 92, the Firehawk treatment had generally consisted of improved intake and exhaust systems, more aggressive rolling stock, and the like.  These were cost effective performance packages that Pontiac couldn’t feasibly develop and certify itself for small volume production.  Therefore, as the Firebird Trans Am and Formula received its substantial redo, including the addition of the 305HP Corvette based LS1 alloy V8 for 1998, so did the Firehawks.

Well, disclaimer time: there was no 1998 SLP Firehawks, per se. As SLP had to retool for both a revised Camaro SS and its own Firehawk Firebirds, the company elected to finish up the SS, and deliver it as the 98 model; and brought out the Firehawk later as a 1999.


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  1. Kevin Woodard says:

    Notice the Firehawk version has non-retractable headlights. I’ve never been a fan of the pop-up headlamps. Too bad all other Firebird models kept theirs.

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