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2002 BMW M Roadster vs. Mercedes SLK32 AMG Comparison Test Drive


Roadster, that fundamental expression of top down motoring, which combines two seats with an engine in the front and drive at the rear.  The word conjures sunny summer drives to no place in particular, when the route taken has little to do with arriving in the least amount of time and more to do with appreciating the journey, the road, and the car.
Two of the more rapid roadsters at the pinnacle of the art were BMW’s $46,635 M Roadster and the $55,545 Mercedes-Benz SLK2002-bmw-vs-mercedes132 AMG, which were new for 2002. Both reflected each company’s convertible motoring roots and philosophy, while each were breathed on by its in-house race-bred engineering divisions endowing it with heightened capability, rarity, and higher price than its more common Z3 and SLK counterpart.



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