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1982 Cadillac Sedan Deville & Coupe Deville Promo Video

Get me to the church on time!

Lovers of “real” Cadillac huge, rear–wheel drive V8’s continued to enjoy this behemoth. Cadillac boasted that the DeVille and Brougham’s 221 inch overall length made it the largest car produced in North America at the time. Limousines (lots of them) were specially equipped with heavy duty components. If you’re old enough, chances are your spouse was driven to the church in one of these, if you’re older, this may be your last automobile ride period! Since it seems like these big old Cadillacs have been going to church for years and years. And they’ll probably continue to do so for some time yet

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17 Responses to 1982 Cadillac Sedan Deville & Coupe Deville Promo Video

  1. GORGEOUS. I really like this line of cars and would happily drive a nice example as my daily driver. In fact, I guess sometime soon would be the time to pick one up since they’ll probably only go up in price from this point forward.

    What surprised me in this video was the range of engine size choices. I had no idea.



    • DNC says:

      That was a problem on all 1982 Cadillacs as they were painted in two stages. Some dealerships repainted the cars. We had an 82 Fleetwood we ordered. It was junk mechanically but a handsome car. I love these old flims.

  3. Tyler Schild says:

    Is it just me, or does the paint color on the front fenders not match the rest of the car at all?

  4. Disco says:

    GM put so much effort into the gadgety crap on this car when they should have been fixing the lousy engine and transmission. But that’s GM.

    Still, it’s interesting to see some of the “luxury” features on this car that are all standard on cars now, like outside temp, cruise, auto climate, auto headlights, etc.

  5. Alex says:

    It’s strange that Audi later subcontracted GM to provide the same Electronic Climate Control panel in their cars.

  6. CaddyRich says:

    At 41 sec.- do you think maybe they could have gotten one that has the front quarter match the doors for the video?

  7. Joe says:

    1982 has got to be an all time low for poor Cadillac. Just look at the engine lineup for proof.

    Your base engine was the new HT-4100 DFI V8 engine that put out
    125 Hp and 190 torque or
    for a credit of $125.00 you got Buicks 4.1 liter 4 BBL V6 with
    125 Hp and 210 torque or for a lot more money Oldsmobiles 5.7 liter 105 HP 200 torque diesel was offered all hooked to GM 200 R-4 transmission.

    And this was a 3900-4200 LB full size car depending on which model was selected.

  8. Joe says:

    I own one a 83 coupe deville. Triple blue. Beautiful car. And nice ride. Still has the 4.1 too. its still kicking. Long live the big cadillacs

  9. Andy says:

    The 1982 was the first year of HT 4100, the first digital fuel injection and the first GM 4 speed automatic transmission. The engine was great if properly maintained (special GM radiator additives with service) due to head gasket issues in the early models. The car possessed great luxury and comfort, and at the time of high fuel prices, this car though a bit anemic in the power department by today’s standards still achieved 25mpg. I miss the days when car interiors weren’t just black, beige or gray.

  10. Paul Jarrett says:

    What is the mileage, condition, and price?

  11. Ben T says:

    I own a car just like that, same color, and options. EXCEPT it is an 81 with working V8-6-4. The engine should have been carried over and updated with a beefed up 200r4 or 700r4, and aluminum heads. I love the V-8-6-4 works great, better than any HT4100 in such a big car. Antifreeze + Oil aint a good combo

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