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1986 Pontiac Station Wagon Manufacturer Promo

1986-pontiac-wagon2From surveying the automotive landscape circa 1986 – especially concerning GM’s product lines – it would seem that every automobile faced the same inevitability of downsizing and switching to front-wheel drive. Real bumpers, full frames and V-8 engines were going the way of the dodo. There were exceptions, however, and Pontiac’s full-size station wagon was one of them.  Accompanied by the mid-size 6000, and compact Sunbird wagons, Pontiac and the station wagon held on for their last term.

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  1. 98 REGENCY says:

    Pontiac wagon excitement! LOL! That was an interesting look back. I liked that Parisienne wagon. I do not recall the 6000 wagon coming that loaded that way. I enjoyed the video.

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