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1997 Infiniti Q45 Manufacturer Promo Video

Nothing about the 1997 Q45 was subtle, modest, or unassuming. Longtime fans of the car feared that it would lose much of its allure and performance when Nissan redesigned it for the luxury Infiniti line. Not to worry. Infiniti totally transformed the Q from a BMW style sport sedan into a Mercedes style luxury sedan. Compromise and luxury normally seem mutually exclusive, but the Q45 embodied both. Nissan fixed one problem (the back seat), but made other problems worse. As one sign Q moved a step away from its sporting heritage,the engine was now 4.1 liters, not 4.5. This makes Q45 a misnomer, it was really a Q41. Nissan wasn’t alone in this practice, but it makes alphanumeric model names irrelevant and even slightly deceptive. The Q45’s exclusivity will not be compromised however, the car was and is still an uncommon sight.


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  1. Joseph says:

    My first own car. Elegant, powerful and unforgettable. Look like a VIP driving this beauty.
    For myself one of the best design, equipment and quality cars in at the infiniti gold era.

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