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GM EV1 Charge Across America

1997-GM-EV1-accross-US2Travel along as Kris Trexler drove his GM EV1 electric car on a 3,275 mile cross country trip without burning one drop of gasoline! The trip began in Los Angeles, California on May 12, 1998 and ended June 2 in Troy, Michigan (just outside Detroit). You’ll learn more about the transportation technology of the 21st century and monitor Kris’s progress with frequent updates as he made this pioneering journey. Check his day-by-day maps, logs, and diaries, and view snapshots of the EV1 in picturesque settings as he headed east from Los Angeles to places like Phoenix, the Grand Canyon, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. 1997-GM-EV1-accross-US4There are plenty of interesting experiences to share as his EV1 made this Charge Across America. Someday long distance trips in electric cars may be commonplace, but for now there are new challenges to deal with. Kris was determined to “never run out of juice!” He accomplished his goal, and his EV1 “never skipped a beat,” performing flawlessly every mile of the trip.

Word Source: Check out the entire journey, documented here.

1994 General Motors EV-1 Preview Test Drive

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