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1991: Pontiac’s N G T O?

It was 1991. Pontiac sources reported that the division was preparing a modern version of one of the most famous muscle-cars in history, the GTO.   They admitted no production program was funded , but development investigations were underway.  Following the example set by the debut 1964 GTO, this version was expected to be initially offered as an option package for an existing Pontiac car.
Two platforms were considered for suitability, the H-body Bonneville and the N body Grand Am.  Unlike the original Goats in all their models, both these cars were front drive.  Pontiac engineers acknowledged front drive would limit the ultimate horsepower the GTO could manage.Grand Am was closer to the package size of the original GTO and could be equipped with virtually of the shelf high performance components.
Sources also told, a 90s GTO would almost certainly be powered by a version of GM’s 2.3 liter DOHC Quad 4, coupled o a manual gearbox as standard equipment.  THe H.O. model produced 190 horsepower.  A modern GTO could have been the car GM finally used to introduce the turbocharged Quad 4.  Such an engine was shown to the press repeatedly , and was said to make around 250 horsepower.


1999 Pontiac GTO Concept Car

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